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Talking about Business...

A business that makes nothing but money is a poor kind of business. - Henry Ford

Listen to  business - any commercial, industrial or professional activity undertaken by an individual or a group
Listen to  business-to-business - describing or involving arrangements or trade between different businesses, rather than between businesses and the general public
Listen to  business-to-consumer - describing or involving the sale of goods or services to individual customers for their own use, rather than to businesses
Listen to  big business - powerful and influential businesses and financial organizations when considered as a group
Listen to  business class - a high travel class available on some commercial airlines and rail lines, the level of accommodation is than higher than economy class and lower than first class
Listen to business park - an area that is specially designed to have business offices, small factories, etc.
Listen to business plan - a detailed plan describing the future plans of a business
Listen to e-business - any business process that relies on an automated information system
Listen to monkey business - behaviour which is not acceptable or is dishonest
Listen to show business - the entertainment industry
Listen to to be away on business - travelling on company business
Listen to business account - an account billed to a commercial or institutional customer
Listen to business acquaintance - a person whom you met in a business situation and now know casually

Some more expressions containing the word "business":

Listen to get down to business - to start talking about the subject to be discussed
Listen to out of business - no longer carrying on commercial transactions
Listen to It's business as usual. - said when things are continuing as they always do, despite a difficult situation
Listen to Business before pleasure. - said to emphasize that you believe business is more important than entertainment and enjoyment
Listen to like nobody´s business - very quickly or very much
Listen to to be none of somebody´s business - means they or he or she do not need to know about it, although they want to, because it does not affect them
Listen to talk business - to discuss a particular business related subject

Now we put new vocabulary into context, so you can see how you might use these terms yourself. The expressions are in boldface in the text.

Listen to Show business is really 90 per cent luck and 10 per cent being able to handle it when it gets offered to you.

Listen to Let's talk business!

Listen to Don't tell me what to do — it's none of your business.

Listen to We decided to get down to business and try to finish the work quickly.

Listen to Be flexible with your plans and be sure to put business before pleasure.

Listen to He's decided to go out of business when he turns sixty.

Listen to What is the most important feature you look for in a business account?

Listen to Understanding business etiquettes helps you to deal confidently with your customers and business acquaintances and build up a good rapport in no time.

Listen to A business park or business estate is an area of land in which many office buildings are grouped together.

Listen to The level of accommodation in business class is higher than economy class but lower than first class.


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