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Talking about Companies...

Company is an institution created to conduct business.

Listen to  company name - the name by which a corporation is identified
Listen to  holding company - company controlling partial or complete interest in another company or other companies
Listen to  limited liability company - a non-corporate business whose owners actively participate in the organization's management and are protected against personal liability for the organization's debts and obligations
Listen to  public limited company - a type of limited company, whose shares may be offered for sale to the public
Listen to  joint-stock company - a company (usually unincorporated) which has the capital of its members pooled in a common fund; transferable shares represent ownership interest; shareholders are legally liable for all debts of the company
Listen to  investment company - a company that uses its capital to invest in other companies
Listen to  parent company - a company that controls or owns another company or companies
Listen to  subsidiary company - firm in which a controlling interest is owned by another company, called the parent company
Listen to  insurance company - a financial institution that sells insurance
Listen to  trust company - a commercial bank or other corporation that manages trusts
Listen to  mortgage company - a company authorized to service real estate loans, charging a fee for this service
Listen to  listed company - a company whose shares can be traded on a country's main stock market
Listen to  broadcasting company - a company that manages TV or radio stations
Listen to  car company - a company that makes and sells automobiles
Listen to  dot com company - a company that operates its business primarily on the internet using a URL that ends in .com
Listen to  pharmaceutical company - a company that makes and sells pharmaceuticals
Listen to  food company - a company that processes and sells food
Listen to  furniture company - a company that sells furniture
Listen to  shipping company - a company that provide shipping services
Listen to  transportation company - a company providing transportation
Listen to  oil company - a company that sells oil
Listen to  packaging company - a company that packages goods for sale or shipment or storage
Listen to  printing company - a company that does commercial printing
Listen to  target company - a company that has been chosen as attractive for takeover by a potential acquirer
Listen to  record company - a company that makes and sells musical recordings
Listen to  moving company / removal company - a company that moves the possessions of a family or business from one site to another

Idioms and Sayings containing the word company

Listen to  company man - a man who values the company that he works for more than anything else in his life and is willing to do whatever the company needs
Listen to  Two's company, three's a crowd. - said when two people are relaxed and enjoying each other's company but another person would make them feel less comfortable


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