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Talking about Company departments...

Department is a division of a business specializing in a particular product or service.

Commonly used expressions containing the word ‘department’:

Listen to Human Resources (HR) - personnel department, department which manages the administrative aspects of the employees
Listen to Catering Services – a department which provides foods and services
Listen to Waste Management –a department involved in the management of the collection, recovery and disposal of wastes, including options for waste reduction
Listen to Occupational Health and Safety – a department which creates a safe environment for employees, contractors, customers and visitors to company facilities; as well as encouraging a healthy lifestyle and promoting public health amongst the people that the company affects
Listen to Plant Security – a department responsible for the security of the institutions property and workers
Listen to Fire Department - a department whose purpose is preventing and putting out fires
Listen to Mailroom or Mail Services - a room in which ingoing and outgoing mail is handled for a company or other organization
Listen to Works Council - a department representing employer and employees of a plant or business to discuss working conditions etc; also a committee representing the workers elected to negotiate with management about grievances and wages etc.
Listen to Production Department - a department which is responsible for the actual construction and preparation of products to be sold to other businesses or individuals
Listen to Dispatch Department - a department of a company which is responsible for the delivery of orders that are placed with a company
Listen to Purchasing Department - a department which is responsible for sourcing and then arranging the details for the actual purchase of any items that are required
Listen to Car Pool - fleet of cars
Listen to Accounts Department - a department which monitors the clients’ accounts and the accounts that the company has with businesses supplying either goods or services
Listen to Payroll - a division responsible for the financial record of employees' salaries, wages, bonuses, net pay, and deductions
Listen to Customer Service – a department whose primary activity is associated with after-sale support to enhance or to maintain the value of the product or service
Listen to Legal Department - a department which provides legal advice to other departments in the company
Listen to Marketing Department – a department which is involved in promoting, selling and distributing products or services of its company
Listen to Supply Chain Management or SCM - the oversight of materials, information and finances as they move in a process from supplier to manufacturer, to wholesaler, to retailer, to consumer
Listen to Facility Management - the management of buildings and services. These services are sometimes considered to be divided into hard services and 'soft services'; hard services includes such things as ensuring that a building's air conditioning is operating efficiently, reliably, safely and legally; soft services includes such things as ensuring that the building is cleaned properly and regularly or monitoring the performance of contractors (for example builders and electricians).
Listen to Research and Development or R&D - a department discovering new knowledge about products, processes and services; then applying that knowledge to create new and improved products, processes and services that fill market needs
Listen to Medical Services - services covered by a managed-care plan provided by a physician or other authorized medical professionals
Listen to Management - persons running an organization
Listen to Quality Management - a system of organisational structures, procedures, responsibilities and evaluation mechanisms which ensures that the organisation is capable of delivering its product to specified standards

Now we put new vocabulary into context, so you can see how you might use these terms yourself. The expressions are in boldface in the text.

Listen to The products or services that are bought by the purchasing division can be anything from the stationery that the office needs to large pieces of machinery to be used in the factory.
Listen to Not all companies need a production department, however in some companies the production department is the major part of the company.
Listen to Companies are nowadays spending more money on customer service and less on research and development to ensure the profitability of a company.
Listen to The role of the advertising department within a company is to develop advertising campaigns.
Listen to The sales department will usually provide the dispatch department with the necessary orders that need to be sent on a particular day.
Listen to The accounts department monitors the payment for each company account as well as the status of each account.
Listen to In modern times the former ‘Personnel Department’ is known as the ‘Human Resources’ department, abbreviated simply to H.R.


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