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Talking about Trains...

“Recent research has proven: Trains do not run on time but on electricity.”

Listen to commuter train - regional rail which usually provides a rail service between a central business district and suburbs or other locations that draw large numbers of people on a daily basis
Listen to passenger train - a train that carries passengers
Listen to bullet train - a high-speed passenger train
Listen to railroad train - public transport provided by a line of railway cars coupled together and drawn by a locomotive
Listen to car train - a train that transports passengers and their automobiles
Listen to hospital train - a military train built to transport wounded troops to a hospital
Listen to boat train - a train that is planned to reach or leave a port at the right time for passengers who are leaving or arriving on a ship
Listen to mail train - a train that carries mail
Listen to ghost train - an entertainment for adults and children, in which you travel in a vehicle through a set of exciting and frightening experiences
Listen to steam train - train powered by steam
Listen to train set - a toy train, together with the equipment, toy houses, etc. that go with it
Listen to goods train - freight train, train that carries goods
Listen to train station - terminal where trains load or unload passengers or goods
Listen to train depot - station where transport vehicles load or unload passengers or goods
Listen to train dispatcher - a railroad employer who is in charge of a railway yard, train master
Listen to train fare - the fare charged for travelling by train
Listen to trainman - a member of the operating crew on a railroad train, especially the brakeman
Listen to train horn - an air-powered audible warning device utilized by railroad locomotives
Listen to train driver – driver of a train
Listen to train crash – train accident
Listen to railway locomotive - a wheeled vehicle consisting of a self-propelled engine that is used to draw trains along railway tracks
Listen to baggage car - a railway car where passengers' bags are carried
Listen to couchette - a compartment on a European passenger train; contains 4 to 6 berths for sleeping
Listen to whistle stop - a town or station at which a train stops only if signalled, way station, flag stop
Listen to railroad car - a vehicle on a railroad or railway that is not a locomotive
Listen to monorail - a transit system running on a single-rail guide way
Listen to funicular railway – a type of self-contained cable railway in which cables attached to a tram-like vehicle on rails move it up and down a very steep slope
Listen to cog railway - a railway with a special toothed rack rail or rack mounted on the railroad ties between the running rails. The trains are fitted with one or more cog wheels that mesh with this rack rail. This allows the trains to operate on steeply inclined slopes.


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